The meaning of deal making


We are huge fans of Karim Duval (who is excellent for exposing with a great sense of humour the shortcomings of our society…) there is no true “happy collapse” in this world becoming more and more purposeless.

In 20 20, it’s now time to bury deals making no sense.

If you want to make sense of it again, please check out our new add in iDeal Makers glossary

“Verified Final Objective”:

If you just want to take a shot, you don’t need us.

At iDeal Makers, we consider that making deal is rarely the final objective. We anticipate deal making as the art to meet your Verified Final Objective, that’s why iDeal Makers first reviews your strategy and then proposes you a tailor-made deal making approach designed to meet your Verified Final Objective. The one that makes sense to you and that is fully consistent with your strategy.

iDeal Makers is your strategic deal making partner committed to achieve results to help you and your organization to meet your Verified Final Objective.

That is who we are and what we are made of. In short, that’s what makes us special.

If you want to know more about our unique deal making approach and services offering, please
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Have a happy new year, full of meaning!

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