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iDeal Makers, the business bank for entrepreneurs


Since its creation in 2018, iDeal Makers has revolutionized and democratized Business Banking to make it accessible to entrepreneurs, whether they are founders of startups, managers of SMEs or ETIs.

Until iDeal Makers arrived on the market, entrepreneurs thought (and many still think) that investment banks are reserved for ETIs or listed companies.

They were right.

Who has never thought or noticed that investment banks:

  • are only involved in deals worth tens or hundreds of millions or even, more?
  • are run by bankers disconnected from the operational reality, comfortably installed in their luxurious armchairs?
  • demand compensation levels that are unattainable for entrepreneurs?
  • only accompany their clients on one or more specific operations without providing the almost constant advice and support that most entrepreneurs demand, too alone in the face of the multiple challenges they face over time?

With its unique support offer tailored to each entrepreneur, iDeal Makers:

  • makes investment banking accessible to entrepreneurs;
  • gets involved in a long term support to break the loneliness of the entrepreneur, thus allowing him to devote himself to the maximum on the development of his business and benefit from a tailor-made support provided by experienced (i)deal Makers;
  • helps entrepreneurs to find the means of their ambitions by activating with them the levers of the growth of their project and by accompanying them to raise debt and capital from the best lenders and investors;
  • advises and accompanies with the same involvement startups as companies achieving more than one billion in turnover;
  • intervenes and advises entrepreneurs in their definition of financial and business strategy, their growth operations (mergers, acquisitions,…), their complex negotiations and their fund raising;
  • takes risks with its clients by accepting a remuneration essentially based on success.
  • Change your vision of investment banking, contact us.

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Photo by Brad Starkey on Unsplash 

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From training to deal closing, iDeal Makers is your negotiation partner that accompanies you and your organization to close iDeals.

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