complex business negotiations: partnerships, M&A, joint-ventures, exit negotiations, commercial agreements… 

cross border deals

fund raising & financing

troubled situations and bring people back to the negotiation table




1 – Get ready

Most people look at negotiation as competition where fast thinking, improvisation, responsivness and ruse are key. They do not manage time and do not anticipate external factors that may stop or impact the negotiation.

iDeal Makers takes a different approach: we focus on a serious & methodic preparation encompassing all possibilities and options.

2 – Lead from behind

Most people look at negotiation as the final arm wrestling hurdle when trying to complete a deal. They get involved upfront in negotiations and/or let emotions and Ego take over. They do not pay attention to their counterparts’ psychology and profile and underestimate cultural environment.

iDeal Makers takes a different approach: we consider all stakeholders’ interests, profiles and cultures. We assist you, we facilitate the dialog and we negotiate along with you.

3 – Maximize value

Most people focus on their negotiation position and limit discussions to the deal at stake. They sometime miss opportunities, walk away from a good deal without realizing it or close a deal that is too weak to last.

iDeal Makers takes a different approach: we consider the global environment to envisage every possible options and identify opportunities, to capture more value and produce long-lasting high-value agreements and business arrangements.

4 – Follow-up

Most people believe negotiation ends with signing, and deal making with closing. They do not ensure that the deal is properly implemented over time.

iDeal Makers takes a different approach: we follow-up deal implementation and make sure all contract provisions are fulfilled so that the deal delivers its full value to all parties.


You & your team

• Bring the strategic vision & industry knowledge

• Set the objectives

• Keep control

• Make decisions

We prepare and process your negotiation

• We set-up our proprietary negotiation process  and align stakeholders on it

• We coordinate advisers

• We negotiate along with you 

• We focus on execution