In a global and complex world, Start-ups, SMEs and Midcaps wishing to grow or expand internationally face the challenge of complex negotiations.

iDeal Makers supports Chief Executive Officers by offering its experience and know-how in complex deal making to conclude deals

that meet their strategic growth or international expansion targets.


Get everything you need to make your strategic deals a success

Obligation to achieve results



iDeal Makers is customers’ success driven and accepts a success based remuneration model. This makes us unique

A full range of expertise



iDeal Makers accompanies your organization  from strategy and business development to finance and legal

A proven deal making process



iDeal Makers offers an innovative approach based on state of the art methods of negotiation

Direct access to seasoned deal makers


iDeal Makers is a team of seasoned deal makers with a wide multi-cultural experience supported by an international network of professionals


Customer’s success

We are not another investment bank or advisory firm, we are your deal making advisor, partner of your success.


Maximizing short-term gains is not our target, creating value in building successful long-lasting deal is.

Reliability & Loyalty

A good deal is a good deal for you… as much as for your counter part.

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