Ernesto Mier


Ernesto Mier, Managing Partner of iDeal Makers’ office in Mexico (CDMX), before founding Mier Esparza law firm situated in Mexico City, did corporate work for various law firms and ventures in the railway and pharma industries. Ernesto is not only an experienced transaction lawyer but also a proven entrepreneur co-founder of Legalix, a Legal Tech enterprise for the development of technologies to improve the efficiency in the provision of legal services and processes.


Ernesto holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the Escuela Libre de Derecho of Mexico City. He has been educated and trained by Max Berger to iDeal Makers approach and values, Ernesto is used to work with iDeal Makers network when accompanying deal makers on cross border strategic deals and is ideally located to accompany Mexican deal makers.


CDMX, Mexico

+52 (1) 55 4350 1296