What Santa Claus taught iDeal Makers?


Dear Santa Claus,

Thanks for being such a negotiation mentor.

Thanks to you (and to some other good fellows) I have learnt that:

  • I need to have my Christmas list prepared;
  • We will need to know each other more and we will both have to deal with cultural differences because you’re Santa Claus from the North Pole and I am French;
  • We will have to focus on interests rather than positions (my position being I want everything on my list);
  • Within my Christmas list I will need to define a zone where I will consider I am satisfied with my Christmas stocking;
  • I have to walk through options with your devoted elves in order to find out how we can achieve satisfaction;
  • We will have to enter into a back and forth process to agree on common objectives;
  • There is time for hope, time for work and time to celebrate;
  • Everything on my list won’t be obtained;
  • Everything is not of the same value to me as it is to you;
  • Money and value are two different things and that value sometimes supersedes money;
  • I will have to share the benefits of Christmas gifts;
  • I need to identify and weigh up my alternatives because as you told me, you can’t (always) get what you want;
  • Christmas will be a great one if everyone is happy.

Really, I thank you Santa Claus and wish you a merry Christmas!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Cookies and hot milk are ready to greet you.


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