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"¡Mantenga la (des)concentración! o la experiencia de un negociador con TDAH

Crecí con TDAH (Trastorno por Déficit de Atención e Hiperactividad) sin saberlo. Me di cuenta de ello mucho más tarde, cuando a mi hijo le diagnosticaron TDAH. En mi época, si lo tenías, eras un fracaso escolar y eso significaba que eras estúpido, vago o ambas cosas. Era sencillo. Afortunadamente, la ciencia y la sociedad han evolucionado. Hoy en día, los niños con esta enfermedad son acompañados y a veces incluso tratados, pero no...
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iDeal Makers se complace en apoyar la internacionalización de Rennes School of Business

La Ecole de Management bretonne, la más internacional de las escuelas de negocios francesas, con un 55% de sus estudiantes y un 95% de su profesorado procedentes del extranjero (de 70 países diferentes), anuncia el nombramiento de Ben Chaumette. Ben Chaumette Graduado por el INSEAD y la Universidad de París Dauphine, Ben Chaumette es socio de iDeal Makers (, una consultora que ayuda a las empresas que desean...
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iDeal Makers Opening in Mexico

iDeal Makers continues its successful development by opening a new office in Mexico.   In a global and complex world, most companies need to ensure the success of their international ambitions. iDeal Makers dedicates its activity to supporting these companies by putting its experience and know-how at their disposal to conclude deals that are essential to their expansion outside their borders.   Pursuing its strategy of...
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Can negotiating in the dark improve our skills?

Have you ever negotiated wearing a mask over your eyes? I have. Last week, my French partner and I had to place a video conf to a leader of an organization in order to introduce iDeal Makers and convince him to participate in a negotiation process aimed at making a deal where parties were clearly antagonized. We were acting on behalf of one of our clients. Surprisingly, even if this person did join the video conf he did not turn on his camera....
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To prepare your redeployment, turn the threat of your hardship clauses into an opportunity. Of course, there will be an afterthought, no doubt different, and you will have to restart, start over. In the meantime, you have to manage the crisis, keep your business going and prepare it to start again. The time has come for hardship clauses, those clauses often forgotten in your long-term or successively executed contracts, those that can...
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The meaning of deal making

We are huge fans of Karim Duval (who is excellent for exposing with a great sense of humour the shortcomings of our society...) there is no true "happy collapse" in this world becoming more and more purposeless. In 20 20, it’s now time to bury deals making no sense. If you want to make sense of it again, please check out our new add in iDeal Makers glossary “Verified Final Objective”: If you just want to take a shot, you don’t...
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The power of the weak

Have you ever experienced negotiating in weak position?  Several times over my career of deal makers I saw myself negotiating in a weak position, having to deal with strong partners on a verge of trying to impose Their deal instead of looking for a balanced outcome for both sides of the negotiation table. In short, they win, you lose. Life it is? Issue is, the strong and the weak sometimes underestimate the power of the weak. What is this,...
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I'm only responsible for what i say, not what you understand

Over my career, as lawyer, I found it both fun and accurate to use that quote and state that "I’m only responsible for what I say not what you understand". From my perspective, as business lawyer, nothing could have been more true than this statement. Then, time passing over my carrer I slowly found out that, as negotiator, what does matter is to make sure you not only properly listen your counterpart and not only make your statement...
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