One year!

Today, iDeal Makers is celebrating its first anniversary! iDeal Makers has competed its first fiscal year and is now proud to annonce it has already advised and accompanied several ventures and individuals while negotiating strategic international businesses on several continents over an aggregate amount of 56 million euros. iDeal Makers wants to take that opportunity to thank the deal makers that have entrusted it along with commercial banks and business law firms it has had great pleasure to work with and/or traine on complex/strategic negotiations. If you or your organization want to add value to your deals and get best assistance while approaching complex or cross cultural business negotiations, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You good, be better, You better, be the best!

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De la formation à la conclusion de transactions, iDeal Makers est votre partenaire de négociation qui vous accompagne, vous et votre organisation, pour clôturer iDeals.

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