Different prices for different services

Real-time Assistance

iDeal Makers tariff approach is also a win-win approach with its clients made of a case by case balance between fee per hour and success fee to accompany iDeal Makers‘ clients and become partner of their success.

For promotion and raise negotiations, you pay us 15% of any increase in compensation. If your compensation does not go up, you have nothing to pay.

For amicable debt recovery fees are paid corresponding to an agreed percentage of any amount recovered. If no debt is recovered, you have nothing to pay.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement along with an Engagement Letter are proposed to and negotiated with each client to design the scope of intervention and the conditions of remuneration of the success in full transparency while preserving confidentiality of the relationship.

Each premium module is priced at 1 500€ (excluding VAT & expenses) per half-day on site.

Each module can be delivered on a collective format to a maximum of 8 people per session or in an individual format for a specific coaching. Upon specific request and agreement with client on a new quotation, number of participants can be increased